Oceanology International Middle East Webinar


Join us to gain insights from industry expert and Chief Executive of the Society of Underwater Technology, Steve Hall as he talks about how the ocean technology industry landscape is changing as response to the global crisis brought about by Covid19 pandemic, its impact on oil prices and emerging subsea technologies these days.

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  • How the ocean technology industry is adapting to the Coronavirus pandemic
  • Learnings and changes in oil prices
  • Emerging subsea technologies
  • Other aspects of change that they predict the pandemic will bring now and in the future


  • 40 minutes including Q&A


  • 12 May 2020


  • 3 PM (GMT+4)

The Society for Underwater Technology is proud to be associated with Oceanology International Middle East and looks forward to bringing over 50 years of accumulated knowledge and experience to the region.

Steve Hall
Chief Executive, Society for Underwater Technology